VA Business and Washington Business Journal Recognize NVC President and CEO with Awards

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Julie Coons, President and CEO of NVC, has been honored with a 2024 Women in Leadership Award from Virginia Business, and a 2024 LGBTQ+ Business Award from the Washington Business Journal.

Virginia Business awarded a select group of women who have consistently contributed to the Region’s growth and development. These extraordinary women have made a positive impact on the business community, consistently finding ways to shape the Region into the powerhouse it is today. A big congratulations to the following NVC members who were also selected as honorees, Melody Barnes, University of Virginia; Ruth Ann Clark, JP Morgan Chase; Melody Dickerson, VHC Health; Monica Schmude, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield; and Amy Sebring, Virginia Tech.

Limited to 10 honorees, The Washington Business Journal selected leaders who have contributed to advancements in LGBTQ+ equality in the Greater Washington Region. As noted by the Washington Business Journal, honorees consistently find ways to educate, advocate, and showcase the Region’s rich diversity. NVC commends Julie for her diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

“These awards represent a remarkable achievement for Julie and NVC. Julie has been committed to achieving her vision for growth in the Region, both through her exemplary leadership, strategic engagement, and compassion for others. The recognition of her talent is wonderful, and the NVC Board and membership are proud to be associated with her fine leadership,” said Mark Carrier, NVC Board of Directors Chairman, and B.F. Saul Hospitality Group President.

Since her start at NVC in 2018, Julie has taken significant and pivotal steps to expand the diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives across Greater Washington. Coons leads by example, showcasing ways companies can help diversify the workforce in the Region. Through the implementation of programs such as DEI Connects and Champions for Accountability, members are able to collaborate with Regional leaders on best DEI practices. NVC recognizes those who have gone above and beyond in their joint efforts to improve diversity in Greater Washington.

“Alongside so many great leaders, it is an honor to be recognized by Virginia Business and the Washington Business Journal. NVC’s commitment to expanding the economic vitality and diversity of Greater Washington continues to be strong, and I am proud to be a part of these amazing initiatives. I look forward to working with Greater Washington’s leaders to continue to advance our Region,” said Julie Coons, NVC President and CEO.