NVC Honors

Honoring those who have served our community through service to the NVC

We support the lifeblood of business: its workforce

We believe it is imperative to create a demand-driven, workforce ecosystem that provides direct, streamlined connections to resources for all workforce stakeholders that accelerates the talent development process while driving innovation.

Honoring those leaders who have honored the NVC

Our Workforce.

Additional Workforce Programs

Our version of a Hall of Fame, NVC Honors recognizes outstanding leaders who have served the greater Greater Washington business community through their NVC service. Comprised of past NVC Board of Directors members, our NVC Honors represents the best of the best within our Region. We are grateful for their service.  

About NVC

Board of Directors

The NVC is proud of its diverse and experienced Board of Directors. Each brings a wealth of expertise to our Board and will help guide us as we continue our mission as The Voice of Business In Greater Washington.

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NVC Strategic Plan

NVC convenes the business community to solve problems and accelerate growth. NVC and its members are at-the-table when crucial decisions impacting Greater Washington are made. NVC includes all sectors of the Region's business community, non-profit organizations, as well as businesses headquartered outside of the Region.

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NVC Honors Inductees

John A. Allen

Christopher Arabia

Jeff Bentley

Barry Biggar

Mona Birchfield

Judy Bjornaas

Michele Bolos

Scott Brezler

Mary-Claire Burick

Michael Cardaci

Michael Carlin

Alex Castelli

George Cave

Dr. Lance Collins

Michael DeStefano

Mike Discenza

Robert Eisiminger

Eileen Ellsworth

Ken Fleming

Molly Fogarty

Mike Forehand

Len Forkas

Kathleen Galvin

Tim Gillis

Steve Gladis

Ed Grenier

David Guernsey

Luanne Gutermuth

Lovey Hammel

Todd House

David Hunn

Tamara Jack

Judith Kassel

Robert Kipps

Gary Kirkbride

Harry Klaff

Peter Knickerbocker

Rich LaFleur (posthumous)

Stephanie Landrum

Cathy Lange

Lorraine Lavet

Jack Lavoie

Len Lewan

Sam Maness

Arvind Manocha

Ryan McLaughlin

Joe Meyer

John Micale

Jack Moore

Mark D. Moore

Ramal Moreland

Bud Morrissette

Susan Moser

Mike Niggel

Gary Nunes

Phil Panzarella

Rebecca Parker

Kevin Reynolds

David Ritchey

Buddy Rizer

Dr. Tim Sands

KayAnn Schoeneman

Julie Simmons

David Skiles

Telly Tucker

Matt White

Tracey White

Ruth Williams-Brinkley

Christina Winn

Sheila Yosufy

Kathy Alborado

Chamber Policy Committee Co-Chair

CEO, Helios HR
Chamber Policy Committee