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We welcome members of the press to join us at our events, when possible. We've outlined our press policy below.


press policy

The Chamber hosts numerous events with notable speakers and attendees holding executive leadership positions every month. All of our events require pre-registration and a large number are private and held exclusively for our members. Press is permitted at an event that’s deemed open to press and when registered as press ahead of time. The below policy outlines our press rules and limitations that we uphold.


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Eligibility for press

Press guidelines

For events the Chamber, in its discretion, deems open to the press, press badges are given to anyone who works for or is assigned by a media organization that is qualified to cover news. At the time of the event, the badges are distributed to members of the press who are authorized to cover Chamber activities. For registration and inquiries, please contact the Chamber’s Communications Specialist, Emma Michels, at emichels@novachamber.org.

  • Press authorization for any events will be instantly forfeited by anyone wearing a press badge who pitches, advertises, or promotes a business—in order to get advertising or subscriptions from any registrant or exhibitor.
  • It is not permitted to display any kind of advertisement or unapproved information on the grounds or in the event facilities. If this policy is broken, the material will be seized and disposed of. Those who disobey this policy will be asked to leave the event.

Note: you will need to contact our Communications Specialist ahead of events, listed on our events page.

Any questions, comments, or concerns can be directed to Emma Michels at emichels@novachamber.org.

Who is eligible for registration?  

  • Media representatives, including editorial staff and representatives (reporters, writers, editors) of publications including broadcast media, print and electronic newspapers, news services, and magazines.
  • Freelance writers
  • Internet news outlets
  • Journalism students

Embargo policy

Press releases or articles, including information delivered at events hosted by the Chamber, are not permitted to be published or released until after the presentation is over. The only exception to this rule is if a speaker has explicitly stated beforehand that it is permitted. You can also use the website’s event descriptions, as seen on the Events Page.

The Chamber encourages the promotion of information presented if it conforms to the following guidelines:

  • The Chamber asks that press organizations share the contents of any news releases, or other communications that businesses publish, that contain information about the Chamber and their events. Please send finalized press releases to emichels@novachamber.org.
  • At events, kindly show respect to all speakers, staff, and attendees. Await asking inquiries until after the event and avoid obstructing attendees' views.
  • The Chamber does not give outside organizations access to its press release distribution list or list of journalists in attendance.
  • The Chamber disclaims all liability for any viewpoints, remarks, or positions conveyed; furthermore, our support of any such content included in publications, online content, or events is not implied.
  • Regarding content supplied from the website’s event descriptions, the Chamber does not assume responsibility for furnishing current information.
  • Until the end of presentations at Chamber events, all other press releases are under embargo.

Other policies 

  • Logo and headshots: For the use and request of the Chamber's logo and/or headshots from staff, please direct questions to emichels@novachamber.org. The Chamber's logo may be used; however, it may not be changed in any way, including its size, color, element, or type; it may also not be stretched, twisted, compressed, or inserted inside a shape.